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This is a complete online software for managing all the activities of an school. All the features in this software can be used both in computer as well as mobile phone, equally well. Each student in the school is given a SCHOOMS page, which can be used by the parents to monitor all the activities of his child in the school. Daily attendance, Examination score and all other information about the students in the school will be available to the parents through this SCHOOMS page. This software has been successfully used by a number of schools for the last 6 years. It can be used by all type of schools such as LP, UP, HS, HSS. This is equally usefull for State school as well as Central School.
Features of this software are:
  • Daily class attendance can be given in this software. SMS message will be sent to the parents of the absent students. Besides SMS, the parents can see the attendance details in their SCHOOMS page also.

  • Exam score for any number of exams can be entered in this software. Individual marklist for different subjects and overall mark lists are available both in pdf and excel format. The exam score details will be available to the parents in their SCHOOMS page. The parents can compare the examination score for one exam with the previous exams to assess the progress. The score analysis can be easily done by using Bar Diagram of the examination score. The progress report of the students are available to the teachers, with photographs.

  • List of students in various classes available in pdf and in excel formats.

  • Different groups such as NSS, NCC, SPC, SCOUT, GUIDE,… can be created by combining students from various classes. List of students in various groups available in pdf and excel format.

  • Class time table can be entered in this software. Absent teacher for a particular day can be given. The free period can be arranged to different teachers very easily using this software. Free period arrangement report is available in pdf format.

  • The home page of this software contains the teachers engaged in various classes during that period. If any teacher is absent in a class, that can be easily understood with a red colour background. If needed, arrangement for the said free period can be done by this software itself.

  • Community wise student count for various classes available in pdf format.

  • Different duty groups such as discipline duty, bus stop duty,… can be created. List of teachers in Discipline duty or Bus stop duty, for that particular day, will be displayed in the home page itself.

  • Diary entry is possible for each student. If a student is late in the school for a particular day, that details can be easily entered in students diary page in this software. When you open a students diary page, it will display all the previous days late coming details for that student.

  • There is provision to enter various achievements of the students in students note. The achievement details can be displayed in the home page.

  • Student report such as course certificate is available in pdf format.

  • Education calander for a particular academic year is available in this software.

  • There is privision to enter todo list.

  • There is provision to set reminders.

  • Important circulars in pdf format can be uploaded in this software and will be availble any time by searching with a keyword.

  • Various activities taking place in an school can be entered with descripion and phogographs, which can be displayed in the home page.

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